Antwerp City Map

€69,99 €89,99

Buy 3 and only pay for 2.

A Bold and modern statement for every room - Antwerp in 3D

Limited edition art print. Only 100 copies available worldwide.

Perfect for your home or office, as a gift for friends, people who are moving to another city, or as a thank you to business partners or people you love.

Capture your memories in one of the most detailed city maps.

✔ Supreme quality in paper and printing standards
✔ This Artwork has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.
✔ Three-dimensional perspectives for unique city views
✔ Awarded several times with high international recognitions like the German Design Award, the Iconic Award or the Indigo Design Awards.
✔ Unique, personal and more than just wall art
✔ Many hours of manual work in every city map
✔ Artwork is delivered without a frame

Customer Reviews

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Received my first map...

I Love color tones, it’s perfect for our living room! We chose the biggest size and we installed it above our fireplace in a white frame, it looks great!

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